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Who am I ?
Dear readers, if you read these lines it means that you grant a particular attention about children education.
May I introduce myself, my name is Alexandre and i decided, just like you, to put my interest in children development.
I grew up in Provence, South of France and I studied at Avignon’s Waldorf school. Since I was very young I am passionate by art. I could spend hours drawing with an constant intensity.
My mother is a Waldorf kindergartener. She transmits me her affection for little children. And now that I am participating at the Limassol Waldorf School with my father it is clear for me that i have to share my passions with kids.
I enjoy to cook, do sports, meet new people… But among all of them it is art that makes more sense for me to share with children.
Would you ask me why ?
I do believe that all children have an immense potential of creation and imagination. It’s our responsibility as adults to bring them the enabling environment to express their imaginative creativity.
Did you noticed words may restrict self expression of a child. Give it a paper and pencil blocs and you give it the opportunity to express way more of his/her creativity.

This blog is about art as a powerful tool in education. You will also find tutorials to realize with your child.

As French, it’s challenging for me to share my experience in english but it is a personal choice, and i know that my english needs improvement.