Art and education

Who am I ?

My name is Alexandre, I decided to put my interest in children development.
I grew up in Provence, South of France near Marseille. I studied at Avignon’s Waldorf school from 3 to 14 years old. Ever since I was very young I have been passionate about art.
My mother is a Waldorf kindergarden teacher, and she passed on her affection for little children to me. At this moment, I am participating at the Limassol Waldorf School with my father Sehil. And it has become clear for myself that I have to share my passion for art and education.
I believe that all children have an immense potential of creation and imagination. It’s our responsibility as adults to bring them the environment to express their imaginative creativity.
You may have noticed that words may restrict the self expression of a child. Give  him/her a paper and a block crayon and you give him/her the opportunity to express far more of his/her creativity. I worked in an art club in Limassol for 3 months, and I am in link with a professional art therapist and Waldorf teacher in Paris.

Through this blog, I would like to introduce you the benefits of art for the child development and to give you resources, so that your child can benefit, by simple tutorial to realize at home. I share my experience as a Waldorf student, assistant kindergartner and art presenter. This blog is the fruit of my researches (scientific studies and own experiences) and are constantly updated.

As a person from France it’s challenging for me to share my experience in english but it is a personal choice, and I know that my english needs improvement (it’s also constantly updated).



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